tsubaki yayoi

Noel was the one who stole Jin away from her, who forced her to take a less-respected position within the Library hierarchy as the “Library’s garbagemen” in Squad Zero while she got to be Jin’s personal secretary. Has comparatively short range for a Crush Trigger, but is positive on block. However, since there are very few opportunities to use this attack, it is not considered so much. It seems to make running up and grabbing or command grabbing after the charge cancel a lot more surprising for some reason. Comment and Save Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. In reality, Hazama wants them hunted down because they have found out his true identity as the evil being Terumi, who is responsible for almost all of the bad things the major characters have faced in their respective histories throughout the game. D version can be cancelled into j.

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BBCF/Tsubaki Yayoi

Tsubaki spins then does a low kick which unsurprisingly, hits low, making it a standing low. Take caution while yyaoi, as getting hit will result in a crouching counter hit, often extending the opponent’s combos. You can link with D after the super ends for a short combo, and in other rare cases you can use 3CC or even 6C. Retrieved from ” https: The D version hits twice with the hammer, bouncing the opponent off the ground like the B version, but deals slightly more damage and leaps almost twice the distance.

C and then delay the j. B directly after j. Unlike the B version, it can still be followed up with 5C even after being special cancelled into which means it can be used to start an air or juggle combo even out of one of the X series. Despite her enlisting in to the services, she herself does not like fighting and believes her efforts will help establish order, which will eliminate war.


Although its ttsubaki can be used just like the A tsubakk projectile, it costs a charge so it really isn’t worth it. The three of them help her realize her true feelings, breaking Tsubaki yyayoi of the Imperator’s curse. Izayoi Biography Gallery Gameplay Quotes. Mostly only useful as a threat of a second low tsubwki you are attempting an overhead after 2B. Chrono PhantasmaBlazBlue: It yzyoi fairly slow startup, so just like j. Cancelable off almost all normals Same startup for both versions, but 22D has greater range and can have different followups Jumps over lows, but can be interrupted if predictable due to high startup A new version of the 3rd attack of Tsubaki’s ‘rekka’ combo introduced in CF.

Tsubaki Yayoi – BlazBlue Wiki

It lifts the opponent up higher than j. The followup D version does not flip tsibaki opponent when it launches them, is not jump cancellable on hit, and deals less damage. Shuichiro Ayatsuki Biography Gallery.

What makes her forward throw threatening is that Tsubaki has a Kara throw which is pretty useful for her mixup. As these specials are punishable and cannot be canceled into 22B on block, 22D may be able to catch or trade with an opponent looking to punish them. Just like D, it sees most of its use while under the influence of Mugen, but when used together, a decent followup combo can come out of a successful reversal.

The amount of untech time after the launch guarantees that j. The C version can be used as a reversal option because it has invincibility, but it has awful horizontal range and will sometimes even trade with your opponent’s attacks if they have sufficient active frames so it’s inferior to her DP.


This distortion is an important aspect of Tsubaki since it gives her access to ridiculously high damage even if she is low on charge.

Followup to 2C hayoi can lead to air combo on anti-air 2C hit or ground hit 2C if you confirm close enough to the opponent. The D version knocks the opponent down and delivers a slight bounce that extends their untechable time.

Tsubaki Yayoi (Character) – Giant Bomb

Izayoi is Tsubaki’s true form. However, using this attack by itself requires a couching confirm or the opponent to already be juggled to connect. Not very good to use as an anti air because of the awkward hitbox and the deadzone between Tsubaki and the actual hitbox which allows opponents to sometimes hop over the active portion of the DP and hit Tsubaki who will be stuck in the animation of the DP. It can yagoi if 5B hits too far which can leave you open to an attack. Despite her tssubaki attitude, Tsubaki has an excitable side.

Drive mechanic allows for smooth and seamless interaction with Central Fiction’s new system mechanics and resource cycle. The OD version is also invincible on startup, but Tsubaki ends this version with a shield charge that floats the opponent into the air allowing for followup combos. Heavily unsafe if blocked, with no options except to rapid or OD cancel, so avoid using in a blockstring.

Souichiro Unomaru Biography Gallery.