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For those who know him, the conflict within Genesis is increasingly visible. During this time, they question whether he would join them. This caused him to be a failed experiment, whereas Angeal was a success. Genesis duels Zack and is defeated, and throws himself into the depths of the reactor to his apparent demise. Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade. Unlike Angeal, who is a perfect specimen, Genesis cannot imbue monsters with his abilities, nor can he take on the abilities of those imbued with his cells, as Angeal does when he becomes Angeal Penance.

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As Zack helps fight off the army, Sephiroth contacts him and tells him Angeal has been spotted in the Sector 5 Mako Reactor. Retrieved from ” http: Their friendship was one of the few things that kept Genesis in check. This means that Genesis is essentially the instigator of Sephiroth’s lust for the planet’s destruction. Genesis seems to take the words of LOVELESS literally – believing to have discovered its meaning; he considers himself, ZackSephiroth, and his friend Angeal, to be characters in the poem, and believes that by fulfilling its words he can obtain the ” Gift of the Goddess ” to cure his degradation.

Angeal abandons Zack to fight Bahamut Fury summoned by Genesis, who has also taken his leave once Zack defeats it. Genesis makes liberal use of magic and uses spells with fire-type appearances, such as Homing, Flash, and Dark Energy, but it is unknown which of these spells are cast using Materia and which are an extension of his Project G abilities. Genesis assured the two it was a minor wound, but the wound worsened rather than healed.


When Sephiroth tried to offer his blood to help with his rehabilitation, Hollander refused and would only use Angeal’s. Hollander protests that no one knows where Jenova is, and Genesis says he will destroy the world along with himself then. Genesis is currently listed as K.

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However, after his clones surfaced in Junon and carried Hollander away, doubts began to surface. Zack attempts to talk to Genesis, but it is futile and Genesis starts to gather energy from the Lifestream. Genesis can channel magic into his Rapier, endowing it with a red aura and causing runic symbols to appear along its length. Zack returns to the village and finds Angeal’s mother, Gillian Hewley, dead, thought to have been killed by Angeal.

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This caused him to be a failed experiment, whereas Angeal was a success. Genesis is right-handed and bears a black wing on his left side, in contrast to Sephiroth, who is left-handed and has a wing on his right side. He and Genesis were caught up in a fight in the training room which ends with a shard of Angeal’s sword injuring Genesis’ arm.

Genesis was adopted, causing him to feel betrayed by both his true and adoptive parents, and his main source of turmoil comes from discovering the secrets of his birth that leads him to resent Shinra and all those associated with it.


We seek it thus, and take to the sky.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade. Mako Blue-Green Hair Color: His weapon of choice is the Rapier, a large sword with a bright red blade, and he variably uses it one or two-handed. The second instance comes as Tseng and Zack are sent to Banora. The two find Hollander’s lab in the reactor where evidence of his hand in creating the Genesis copies is found, and information on Project G.

Angeal appears and stops Zack from striking him as Genesis leaves, then follows him. Gillian Hewley was injected with Jenova’s cells, and her cells were transplanted into Genesis to grant him Jenova’s abilities. Like Angeal, he was part of Project G, but instead of using Jenova cells, Gillian’s cells were injected into Genesis’ foetus instead. Genesis is next encountered as rhapsodls has a sword to Hollander’s throat. This wing enables him to fly, and when battling he can command the feathers to fly about and use them in projectile attacks.

As Zack tries to confront them later outside Gillian’s house, Genesis summons Bahamut to occupy gnesis while they plan their escape.

Genesis Rhapsodos

Genesis claims that he no longer needs Hollander, but Hollander obviously thinks otherwise. Genesis was labeled a failed experiment and given to a wealthy landlord in Banora to be raised.

After the encounter in Modeoheim, Genesis was believed to be dead.