A mix of rhythm and melody. The band adds and subtracts members in different permutations, shapeshifting into other bands, thus allowing them space for their individual expressions as well. So neither are we. You are commenting using your Facebook account. It was an incredible surprise. Related Articles A mix of rhythm and melody.

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Proud of this team and all your efforts.

Yodhakaa making waves – The Hindu

The album itself fell through but the sound worked for the group. Fill in your details yodhakaa yoddhakaa click an icon to log in: Aarthi July 29, at Email required Address never made public. November Fest in Hyderabad. Vocalist Subhiksha Rangarajan is a Carnatic singer with years of experience yodhakaa the classical and film circuit. I would be very interested in hearing your music.

Yodhakaa making waves

For Shiva, their first concert with their official new sound was the most memorable. Yodhakaa Topics Arts Hyderabad Music music. It was an incredible surprise. Related Topics Yodhakaa Metroplus Yodhajaa music. Members of the Yodhakaa band.


Old Sanskrit in new bottle. If you think our blog is interesting then type your email address to yodhakaa to Yodhakaa’s blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Then early last year, Pradeep Kumar and Subhiksha Rangarajan, voices from the kutcheri circles, yohakaa to meet a band yodhakaa was looking for a language that could be theirs, for a form that could carry all that they wanted to say. Yodhakaa…music that makes a difference.

Yodhakaa: Convergence of sound

Like when yodhakaa Beatles played with Ravi Shankar. This motley crew of five twenty-somethings have been making waves across the country with their new brand of sound. Do you happen yodhakaa have any online mp3s that I could listen to?

My best wishes for all your future projects. Eclectic works for Yodhakaa.

Sometimes a yodhakaa will start from one single percussion beat, one bass line or one groove line, and we never know where it can end up. Friday Review November Fest. All musicians in their own right, the five each come from very different yodhakaa, which probably makes Yodhakaa the melange of music that it is.


Friday Review November Fest. Think of it again — with the addition of swing jazz. It demands to be let in, not with brute force, but a gentle persuasiveness that renders it far, far yodhakaa powerful; one that will not take no for an answer.

‎Yodhakaa by Pradeep Kumar, Susha & Darbuka Siva on Apple Music

Pradeep brought in the Vedic influence that has come to yodhakaa the group. You are commenting using your Twitter yodhakaa. Yodhakaa has come a long way, having played in formidable venues in Chennai and Delhi. While this might seem like a challenge, interestingly it is and it isn’t. Doesn’t this make it hard to work together? November 12, There was Donan Murray, with the guitar, and yodhakqa, Divyan Ahimaz with the bass.