One of the problems with other word-processing programs is that many commands can only easily be issued through function and dedicated cursor keys, and the locations of these keys changes radically from keyboard to keyboard for instance, function keys are sometimes arrayed as two columns of five on the left-hand side of the keyboard and sometimes as a continuous row across the top of the keyboard; cursor keys are sometimes clustered in a diamond and sometimes laid out in an inverted-T shape; on laptop computers you may have to press a special Fn key in combination with the arrow keys to access PgUp and other functions, making using these programs an exercise in contortion. She then grudgingly transitioned to Microsoft Word, whose design she felt was comparatively unintuitive and illogical: Due to a large number of spam registrations all user accounts have been deleted, and for most areas of the site registration is no longer required. The WordStar Resource Site! These users say that less hand movement is necessary to issue commands, and hence that writing under this interface is more efficient.

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Annarita Guarnieri — Have I got news for you Vampire fiction writer Anne Rice was another faithful user of WordStar who struggled to have it installed on newer computers until it could no longer reasonably be done. After renaming itself after its flagship product inSofttware International merged with SoftKey in Again, looking at wordstar 4.0 software typewriter keyboard makes the logic of this plain.

MailMerge was an add-on program becoming integrated from WordStar 4 onwards which facilitated the merge printing of bulk mailings, such as business letters to clients.


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Look at a typewriter keyboard. Ctrl-H would backspace and delete. You must login or create an account to comment. Still great for opening those dusty. WordStar became popular in large companies without MicroPro. BYTE stated that WordStar had “all the charm of an elephant on motorized skates”, warning in that an IBM PC AT with hard drive was highly advisable to run the software, which it wordstar 4.0 software as “clumsy, overdesigned, and uninviting InfoStarand CalcStar spreadsheet comprised Starburstthe first-ever office suite of personal computer programs.

It is the property of Riverdeep, Inc. Formatting information is then displayed in the normal text area displacing the actual text. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Where pages have been regenerated from the old site internal links to other pages will be broken.

However, many in WordStar’s large installed user based were happy with wordstar 4.0 software original WordStar interface, and did not consider the changes to be improvements.

Retrieved 28 October In spite of its great popularity in the early s, these problems allowed WordPerfect to take WordStar’s place as the most widely used word processor from onwards. Martin reported in he still used WordStar 4.

WordStar: A writer’s word processor

GNU Emacs used to come with a library ‘wordstar-mode. While later editions had more-or-less comprehensive installation programs that allowed selection of printers and terminals from a menu, in the very early releases, wordstar 4.0 software of the escape sequences required for the terminal and printer had to be identified in the hardware sotware, then hand-entered in hex into reserved locations in the program memory image.


wordstae Other add-on programs included SpellStar, a spell checker program, later incorporated as a direct part of the WordStar program; and DataStar, a program whose purpose was specifically to expedite creating of the data files used for merge printing. It was part worrstar the software bundle that accompanied Kaypro computers. For more info, try: IBM’s main competition was Wang Laboratories. Com allows for that. Advertisements stated that “Anyone with WordStar experience won’t even have to read NewWord’s manuals.

These four keys are arranged in a diamond under the left hand:. wordstar 4.0 software

WordStar: A writer’s word processor | Ars Technica

Two files were required:. In particular, WordStar 3.

These were revolutionary features for personal computer users during the early-to-mids. So it would seem to be the answer to a maiden’s prayer, if like me you have thousands of WordStar files you were thinking you’d have to give up But touch-typists find that using the WordStar Control -key commands is much softward efficient, because they can be typed wordstar 4.0 software the home row without hunting for special keys elsewhere on the keyboard.

A third version appeared in 44.0 would delete the character under the cursor. On the other hand, WordPerfect’s interface forces touch typists to constantly move their hands from the home typing row, slowing them down.