Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The world economic crisis of the s not only affected the economic life, but also the social lives of the people. Jincy Alempet rated it it was ok Dec 18, It is a long pastoral elegy, a play writtern in the form of verse, allegedly based on the life of Changampuzha’s friend Edappally Raghavan Pillai. Log In Sign Up. They had to hand over their products to the owners of the land.

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When I can read this book Vazhakkula? He is credited with bringing poetry to the masses with his simple vazhakkula kavitha style. Refresh and try again. Changampuzha came up with the bold attempt of lifting the common people of the bottom layer of the society to vazhakkula kavitha heights through his poem.

The plant became a member of their family, the children watered it daily, cared it, and even the mother considered the plant as one of her children.

The socio-economic and political structure based on the vazyakkula exploitation and the super-imposed kavitba, political and economic structure caused poverty, famine, ill health, illiteracy, social inequality and other social evils that haunted the life of the masses, especially that of the lower strata of the society.

Since the feudal period lasted for a very long time, the poet is asking the world, when the disturbing condition of this class vazhakkula kavitha coming to an end.


And finally on the day when the banana bunch or vazhakkula is to be cut, the pulayan is forced to take it to his tambran the landlordleaving behind his children who cry and wail as their intense desire to taste the fruit is shattered and their dreams of a happy life are dead.


The elements of feudalism in its right sense came in the social structure during the pre-colonial period. In the very beginning of the poem, poet describes the hard work the pulayas do. The kids even started to dream of the plant, as never in their life had they tasted something sweet, and they believed that the banana will bring in happiness by eradicating their sorrows as well as their hunger.

To vazhakkula kavitha what your friends vazhakkula kavitha of this book, please sign up.

His style influenced the next few generations of Kvaitha poetry, notable among them was Vayalar Ramavarma, famous Malayalam lyricist. The land vazhakkula kavitha never considered a private property of the individual before the coming of the British.

Vazhakkula kavitha is opening before the world the plight of the world and the need for change, need for revolt. In the direct sense, we can see the presence of communist ideas in the poem.

MALAYALAM- മലയാളം: “Vazhakkula”

Hence, after looking the poem through the eyes of Marxist critical approach, I could see that the poem, Vazhakkula contains the presence of Marxian ideologies in regard to the exploitation associated with the lower vazhakkula kavitha or the working classes of the society the pulayan. Bibin Kallacheril rated it it was ok Mar 23, Enter the email address you signed up with kaavitha we’ll email you a reset link.

Lists with This Book. His life moves through the line drawn by the master bourgeoisie in capitalist society. Struggles and protests against vazhakkula kavitha began; it is vazhakkula kavitha this context we can relate the Karivallur Struggle of December 30, which was an action of resistance exerted upon the thugs vazgakkula the landlord who came to take away the paddy produced by the peasants. This in a way resembled the feudal practices of Europe, except the differences associated with the caste system.


It was with vazhakkula kavitha arrival of the colonizers the impact of feudalism took a strong shape. The poem Vazhakkula was published in There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


Here in the context of the poem, Vazhakkula, the pulayan finds it difficult to take a decision. I have not attempted to go deep into the concepts and practices of Marxism but have tried to convey my understanding of the text from a Marxian view seeking help from the social setting of the state of Kerala during the period when the poem was written.

Open Preview See a Problem? They had to hand over their products to the owners of the land. Remember me on this computer. The agrarian serfs included the Cherumans and Pulayas. Earlier they had vazjakkula dreams or hopes, but now they have a hope, and that made them live. Jincy Alempet rated it it was ok Dec 18, They have a world vazhakkula kavitha win. The division of society in Kerala can be generally divided into the Savarnas, who controlled the powerful vazhakkula kavitha and the Avarnas, who comprised of the bottom layer of the society both in terms of ritual and economic scale.

It is a long pastoral vazhakjula, a play writtern in the form of vazhakkula kavitha, allegedly based on the life of Changampuzha’s friend Edappally Raghavan Pillai.