Fixed In [optional] slowmode, License Manager would double report errors. Security Manager errors report the code version number to assist the helpdesk team. No longer use archaic OS short-names. IE 7 – print preview use of page setup would corrupt margins if margin measure changed from system default. Fixed Improve handling of margin values when the orientation is changed in preview.

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Restored use of document title as job title rather than document url. Removed legacy code for working on Windows XP. Dcriptx an add-on it will work with any libraries that may be used. ScriptX Removal Tool marked as requiring administrator privileges for Vista. Windows scriptx cab Desktop IE 10 Enhanced protected mode x64 is fully supported by this release, but there are known issues in the browser in Windows 8 RTM and Windows 8 live release that mean this mode may not scriptx cab appropriate.

This is the default behaviour. Peruser versions of cab installers for licensees. Introduces Enhanced formatting for users with Cwb 8 sdriptx later – previously known as MaxiPT still availableenhanced formatting brings multiline headers and footers to standards based documents and printing of arbitrary page ranges.

No longer dependent upon msi. Evaluate ScriptX on a development machine. Use enhanced PDF printing. Printing host printHtml removed redundant code, the host now uses enhanced security under Scriptx cab SP2 and later.


Removed unneccesary registry write after page setup dialog cancelled. OwnQueue printing failed on Windows 8 when both x64 and x86 editions installed. Scriptx cab could hang if an error czb in the print template code – resolved for IE 8 and later.

MeadCo’s ScriptX

Licensees are entitled to scriptx cab direct-to-company email support at no additional charge. A ‘basic’ ScriptX-enabled document is defined as one on which the ScriptX object block appears thus:. License Manager UI links scriptx cab working. This NuGet package is primarily intended for use as a dependency of our other packages that provide ASP.

If you are a ScriptX. For example the code above uses jQuery and so do all of our samples. Author the required UI, for example a button which when clicked will print the document.

Add-on for Internet Explorer – installers for web sites

This allows scriptx cab to fully evaluate and test ScriptXincluding all the licensed features, scriptx cab purchasing a publishing license. The use of jQuery etc is also entirely optional. Obviously this is entirely dependent on particular application requirements but the essentials are always the same; a document element such as a button raises an event in response to a user action such as a click and a scripted event handler implements the required actions such as setting print headers and footers and starting the print.


Correct error message being lost and replaced by licensing error in some cases. However, as for basic use, this code will need updating with the correct version number with each update to the package.

Downloads – ScriptX

This template should only be used to resolve the specific issue cav scaled ActiveX content. Scriptx cab User licenses were not listing in License Manager when the license was accepted on Vista IE 7 running in protected mode.

Broker needlessly attempting a second validity verification. You should never call the ScriptX object from in-line script that is run when the document is first scriptx cab. MaxiPT, erroneous borders on display. Either approach is acceptable. This release is a mandatory upgrade for correct working with IE 9 This is a maintenance release with fixes for scriptx cab number of issues.

We strongly recommend you stay up to date with releases. Win64 typelib registration of print library not optimal for x Changed Security Manager never uses Zeepe implemented dialogs, even when Zeepe is installed.