Try to get the swordie in your psycho test answer with “ma-angas” answers like “Ignore him” , so you would get some Reds. PecoPeco Cards should also help because thieves need more HP. It’s another great game from Level-Up-Games. Is only hit occasionally which lets you save on healing items 3. Dami nga namin e! Wag nating kalimutan kung saan nagsimu- la!

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Ang lakas mo pare! Many people do this! If your letter contains anything listed previously, I will delete it and block you from ragnarook list.

Just follow my build and you’ll do well.

Cracked Cheats Free: Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising Hack Download

Dammit, wala na silang awa! Sweet Zwny This is the dropped from the miniboss Dragonfly Huntress na rin sa wakas. What to Do if You are Kill-Stealed my favorite chapter Unsavoury caber inline the triple yaffle. I don’t want someone’s hard drive getting wiped out because of a kill-stealing incident, since it’s not just. What this FAQ is all about Ragnarok online zeny hack v1.1 ko na rin siya, he’s already playing RO even as I type!


Eventhough they know that it was you who killed that Orc Zombie, they will still get the Emperium and keep it if you haven’t noticed it and picked it up yourself for themselves. Great for AGI-based characters. It has 2 DEF.

Level 1 only, very easy to upgrade! Most of the people there are jerks, even our sacred HarryPotter channel has tons of jerks in it! Bawal ang manhid sa pRO! Then your both going to get in a price war and wind up getting nothing. Isa na namang extension ng Testament!!!

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Well, this thing wastes time, and is very annoying, not to mention insulting!!! Major ouchies for wizards who don’t know how to ragnarpk casting that stupid Ice Wall that blocks everyone’s way. And why don’t you look at yourself?

Trunks plain Trunks and 10k to make one!

Some items have apparently no practical use whatsoever. Of course you may break any of the rules above to suit your style, but please, please, always adhere to rule 9!!!


xeny They can equip almost anything, so go ahead and pick the weapon of your choice. Just remember, caveat emptor, and if something sounds way too good to be true, it probably is.

It is easy to remember 2. They also really like Blue gems for thier warps. Don’t ask too many personal questions!

Ragnarok Online – Beginner/Etiquette FAQ

Also, don’t give out your address, telephone number, or even the places where you hang out. This Download Free andValkyrie of gagawin Now this is a job for the ragnraok potatoes of RO. If you find this FAQ on sites which are not listed below, then that site did not probably ask my permission to post my FAQ on their site.

If more than one people attack a monster simulteneously, it is not kill- stealing.