Thank you again Ahmed. No body is messing others game or computer.. If thats the case, I might have to uninstall and then apply the smoke patches Thanks for the update Dido! The edit of my GP is allowed only for personal use. Hello, regards from Venezuela.

pes 2012 kitserver 12.1.3

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내일은 천둥번개 :: PES Kitserver by juce

I started master league with kitsdrver Italian club and everything is ok except Italian Cup where there are aslo some German or English low division clubs involved in the competition.

And for Bayern black kit, why i can’t see it in CL or even in league? It keeps on saying this: SHould this be correct?

LES For instructions and further help visit our gaming community! How can I fix it so that Italian cup would have Italian clubs only?

Increased and tweaked ball control, for many players the stop system is totally new. I take it that when you say ‘download the game’, you guys mean ‘buy the game legally’: Doctor – Pee and increased referee strictness.

Adidas Katlego CAF – added new ball: Can play the fuck online! The team name and strip is faded out? SHow me where it mentions no online play. I have the same issue as above with the Bayern Kits. Boo hoo for you Monday, 12 December Intersect Patch v3.


pes 2012 kitserver 12.1.3

Bayerns 2nd CL kit is all messed up, but in exhibition the 2nd kit is just fine, dont know whats wrong? Please remember to use the edit button in future, rather than posting twice in quick succession. Great work on the patches, much apreciated.

Dido, there’s a problem with the 4. Super Classic America and Super Classic Europe — added a lot of new players — fixed commentary hang-ups and up-normality — promoted teams replaces relegated in all leagues — updated kits — updated formations and startup 11 — higher quality surround SMoKE chants for 18 teams kitservver updated boots — white numbers in scoreboard — added a lot of missing call names pato, bojan, fabregas, cannavaro, assulin, and many more — revised stats for some players — updated world cup national teams starting kitservver and formations with correct player numbers — crash free version not one crash so far ps updated players personal data, age, wight, … — updated some players price value — updated transfers — new Nike T90 Ascente balls — updated kits PES SMoKE Patch 2.


PES 2012 Kit Server 12.1.3

I just have one question before kitsfrver and installing your patch, did you change the gameplay and player stats? GP EVO is compatible with old careers and profiles. Great patch, really liking the 3D badges. I have couple of problems tho, Polanski in Mainz is gray, also zieler in Hannouver has a different hair.

Something with the Uninstall file Click teamkits and find whatever kit you want to have the number fonts using teamtechid. Sign in with Microsoft. Please recheck and re-send, if possible. Do you guys have any idea on how to make it available?

pes 2012 kitserver 12.1.3

I’m running windows 7 32b. Patch of the year? Thanx yes it have 1.

pes 2012 kitserver 12.1.3

Mediafire links at first page Hi, I tried installing but I get the ’11FD’ error, I tried it without the antivirus but it still didn’t work. Menu change colorPESvantrung View the original article here.