Germany Waffen-SS main, Wehrmacht secondary. LG Equipment File included with download. SS Air Korps 2. Screaming Eagles and Shattered Steel version 2. I guess this includes SSI compatible campaigns too?

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Narayan Sengupta and Joel Illian and me v2. Waffenkammer for original version or SSI or compatible for v3. File is on this site? Save Panzer Armee Africa. There is also further contact information on the Mikael Anteskog Adler section. I have no ideawhy i has written it anyway. This package is panzer general 2 adlerkorps each time a new map is released Graphic Modding Kit 1.

Unzip into MAP folder and run the. Adlerorps Equipment File v4.


I very appreciate your work but is it just me, or if I try to start a new scenario, the game will go nuts. Full Sounds package up to AutoInstall. Infanterie Division Campaign, Verbrannte erde see “Scorched Earth”. Can use Polish or English. A unit will expire one year after the last serial production of that unit or one year after the entrance of that nation into war, whichever comes last. When using Windows XP the built-in screenshot feature doesn’t work as expected.


SS Air Korps 2. I played the game alot years ago and just got into it but the game I found was missing the music and movies, this download you have has everything plus alot of new campaigns and scenarios, im really impressed, thank you for taking the time to make a great game even better, someone should hook you up with women and beer for your effort.

Also is there a place where a can download different e-files, including SSI one? Not a clue, what has happened. Hi thereim new here and just installed the pg2and followed all the steps and ive been playing it with no problemsi just have a couple of questionsfirstim playing the greater europe campaignit says here that its a long campaign but panzer general 2 adlerkorps, after i finish windsor in the game endsam i doing something wrongpanzer general 2 adlerkorps suppose to be loger isn it.

Africa, Waffenkammer 4. Adlerkorps — Home of Equipment File, smack videosmusic and voice briefings I have used for this package. Can also be used for Peoples General.

Shp to S16 converter. Santiago Fuertes Pablo Schlegel both versions. Second armee del grupo centro. None of these have been checked for viruses or other nasties.


Panzer General 2: user campaigns and links – list of campaigns (complete campaigns) – German

Includes all the new sounds added from soundup up to now. Unit arrival and expire A unit will arrive two months after first serial production date or if for a country at war at that time first serious combat of that unit, whichever comes last.

If you ;anzer using Windows Vista or newer, please turn Windows Defender off before installing. My other game version is unrelated.

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Germany Waffen-SS main, Wehrmacht secondary. To download any, click the link in left column. Campaign Type Equipment file Max.

I think many of them are available from the sounds and video section of my page – Greater Europe MUS or something like that, a big package.