Note in case of problems first read the FAQ. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. You should also Uninstall them. Then click on “Select All” and on the right side click “Add”. Don’t wish to use Mapsource? Have a look here for a long list of download sites from the OSM wiki. Red text are active links.

mapsettoolkit v1.75

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So if you can; please contribute, as every little bit helps. Now the mapnames should show up on the right and lift window.

MapSetToolKit v Beta+v Beta+v beta+v

Have a look here for a long list of download sites from the OSM wiki. Last Jump to page: If there are questionmarks????

Therefore I show this too There may be a better solution, but this provides a simple work-around. There are many versions to chose from.

This site emphasises various map attributes to make bike and foot navigation easier. It may look something like this. The downloads are compressed in zip format.


I think this issue has been reported before and is due to the need to have “closed polgons” to define all water areas and this is missed at times for coastal areas. Also you may find no errors on the “Code” field, but an empty “Mapset Name”.

This worked well after I got around a problem with a couple of corrupted download files and understanding how installations for maps for more than 1 state worked. You may find more errors – for every error you find, you should identify the problematic map and either Correct it often clicking on edit, than okay will fix vv1.75. Click on the row, then click Uninstall and Confirm. Add lock and routing information in installed mapset list.

Where to find and How to install OSM Garmin Maps

The GPS may not warn you that you are overwriting the same map file name, so be careful. You should also Uninstall them.

mapsettoolkit v1.75

Mapssttoolkit mine looks in Edit with v1. If you cannot fix it, then best also Uninstall the map by clicking on Uninstall.


Hi guys – may not be related but may be too Red text are active links. Give it a useful registry name. The time now is Has anyone else encountered this error? So whats the difference I wonder? This is a nice and easy.

Install maps with Mapsettoolkit

You can use Mapsource view and also to load the maps to your GPS. Don’t wish to use Mapsource?

mapsettoolkit v1.75

Ok, so I tried to follow WF’s how to. I have expanded the procedure below. Fill in the details and click “Install”. However MapsetToolkit is great for checking all maps installed, cleaning up, and removing errors. If you continue to use this site I assume that you are happy with it and also accept our Privacy Policy.