Results 1 to 25 of It would surely be nice if players could convert gold they’ve earned in game into Turbine Points they could spend in the store. You can take control of several different classes, and explore famous sights such as the green hills of the Shire, Moria plains of Rohan and even dangerous. This is how It is supposed to work after all. Thanks a lot for the share. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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Lord Of The Rings Cheats

This is real proof that this tool really work until now. Please hack another game for us: It would surely lotro turbine points hack nice if players could convert gold they’ve earned in game into Turbine Points they could spend in the store. Join Date Jun Posts 36, SO much lotro turbine points hack and so little to spend it on. Join Date Sep Posts Not giving away a million dollars. Join Date Feb Posts 12, Login to your game. U Are a great one man. If you complete it on all 29 servers there may be more after some time, when I wrote this article, they were 29 you will be unable to make this trick again.


This used to be a signature picture before Turbine “fixed” the forums. In Lord of the Rings Online you act as members of a free people of Middle Earth and its mission is to end growing the darkness. Join Date Nov Posts If Turbine were to do something like this the conversion rate would be something like this. Please enable the use of JavaScript in your browser.

Apparently they are okay with you to cheat a bit with creating 29 chars once on every server for turbine points or creating and deleting characters for easy quests and deeds to make some free TPs. Join Date Apr Posts BTW easy download, easy used, keep smile and hooray!! Get unlimited lotro turbine points hack, unlimited points, speed hack, god mode, boots your exp with instantly, and many more. Grab a char that is pints per second DPS oriented for faster kills.

You need to reload the page. There was probably a bugged possibility to delete your char in the server and start over. Restart and enjoy your game.


LOTRO Turbine Points Generator

Even if the exchange rate is fairly low, it would have a certain degree of draw to some players, and presumably Turbine wants to keep as many people interested in LotRO as possible. This means less revenuefor Turbine, and they need to pay for the game somehow.

Upon entering the universe of Lord of the Rings Online, the first step is to define what your character’s race will have. If you don’t need the gold, feel free to send some to me!

Combe gives quests in Chetwood north that can get both your Brigand slayer deeds done and most of the advanced Spider slayer deed too.

Prove you are human please: Each version has a different look. Extract the file to your PC tuebine click to open.