For some domains or applications you may want to disable the Digestor, this can be done by clicking the button: Retrieved from ” https: You can purchase an additional SSL decrypting module to decrypt the contents of a SSL session and modify the data without alerting the browser. Acts both as the proxy that accepts connections from the redirected clients and as the server that handles configuration and control of the product. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

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It’s possible to change the list to be whitelist, which means that only processes in the hard include list would use the Komodia redirector the hard exclude list will be ignoredthis is done by settings the custom flag hardincludelistinversed to the value of 1. The Redirector has abilities to download a HTTP file, this can be done via the “Download file” button on the main screen.

The logging setting is non-persistant because it is meant for debugging. Komodia acknowledges the efforts invested by individuals in the security community that have helped Komodia protect its customers and end users by discovering security vulnerabilities. Any COM call will start the service, you need to make sure that you wait until the service is in started state before making any further COM calls, also the COM call that brings up the service may komodia redirector due to timeout, so make sure you komodia redirector and ignore any error you encounter.

Komodia’s Redirector Advanced Version. It also shows to get list of all installed LSPs.

Komodia’s Redirector bug fixes – Komodia

You komodia redirector purchase an redirectkr SSL decrypting module to decrypt the contents of a SSL session and modify the data without alerting the browser. You enter redirectof name of the application, for example “Internet Explorer” would be: This flag is komodia redirector when you komofia want PCProxy to accept service stop commands, keep in mind that the service can be still terminated using “end task” to fully protect the SDK you can use Komodia’s Watchdog.


Net sample inside the directory Cthis is a small sample that just connects to the Redirector and set the DLL framework.

Net code to extend it. The Redirector can be disabled which means that even if intercepted traffic komodia redirector going through it, it will not do any processing on it such as: The rules are all configured by using the application: The SDK komodia redirector a built in update manager that must be enabled in order for it to work it does not work by defaultthe way it works is by checking a verify URL to see if there’s an komidia, if the verify URL sent the value 1, then the SDK will download the update, save it as sdktemp.

Fixed a bug where changing interception mode to “all but” and adding an item to the list, the item would still be intercepted.

Personal tools Log in. It’s possible to configure a URL that the SDK will notify you every time the service has started via a web request, to enable it komodia redirector the URL into the custom variable called: This page covers Komodia’s Redirector API, this page should be read only after you worked with the Redirector and know how to control it, you can learn more on how to control the Redirector komodia redirector Komodia’s Redirector installation guide.

Komodia’s Redirector installation guide – Komodia

Fixed a situation where received data notification komodia redirector come after the socket close notification arrived. Some maintenance on the framework and various bug fixes komodia redirector solve uploads and downloads issue when using the framework. After the data refirector manipulated, it is forwarded to Internet explorer. It will also force the LSP to intercept a certain service regardless if the Redirector is compiled to intercept services or not.


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Use Komodia’s Redirector as an anonymizerKomodia’s Redirector The detailed manual can be seen at:

For example on how to add a custom flag:. All prices are for 50, end users you can komodia redirector more users if neededexcept for ad injection which have a different pricing per end user. The updated Komodia SDK will delete earlier root certificates containing identified security vulnerabilities from the computer. Retrieved from ” https: Trial versions connect to our provisioning kkomodia to receive license status, the software is not sending out any information that the Redirector processes.

This will prohibit the web server from sending HTTP reply which means that the browser will use the local cache. Using the Komodia link above results today in a message, that the site is offline due to DDOS attack.

Set the ports you komodia redirector to intercept the example rule will redirect every HTTP traffic to port Of course, it is possible to set PCProxy to load automatically when installed komodia redirector a service.

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Komodia SSL certificates and hijacking tech are widely spread

This is a special proxy and its meant komodia redirector custom purposes, it retreives the certificate of a SSL session using direct connection and then it tunnels komodia redirector decrypted connection via Socks5 proxy, this feature only comes with SSL Digestor together with Komodia’s Redirector Advanced Version. The password for each certificate is randomly generated.

This is a list you can add applications to never intercept, the difference for this kind of rule is that the data is retreived from a file when the LSP is loaded not from the COM interface and the LSP will create a LSP bypass for this process.