Ease of use, value for money, reporting Cons: It makes it easier to see where all of my guys are at every day. If you need information about how to create a project or something more profound, click on it. Of course, it is! Probably the only software from many others required in my daily tasks, that I really like using.

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If you have any remarks or feature requests for the future, feel free to contact us at anytime. We haven’t done much pushing the limits of ganttic possible on Ganttic and don’t have much ganttic in its overall flexibility or tying in with other tools. We haven’t done much pushing the limits of what’s possible on Ganttic and don’t have much experience in its overall flexibility or tying in with other tools Vendor Response by Ganttic on October 12, Hi Alia!

Vendor Response by Ganttic on October 09, Hi! I haven’t found any other software like it and look forward to using it for all my projects going forward! I had some issues with “all-day” tasks and local timezones. Ganttic is a modern ganttic on classic implementation of the gantt chart.


You can find a helpdesk article here: One ganttic I ganytic they had is a daily summary of how many people and jobs are scheduled. For this you just have ganttlc click on the resources you want to assign the task. However, I will give you heads up if this comes to our development plans.

It doesn’t have a ton of features but what’s there is very easy to use. Info is mobile on the laptop. Ganttic set the parameters, we send the reports out automatically!

Moreover, have you tried planning in projects or single project view? Easy to use Overall: Moreover, if you had problems with the inaccurate Gantt charts, then we would be more than happy if you ganttic share us some more information or screenshots about the situation.

No rollback that I know of Overall: Thank you so much for the ganttic. The software is updated real time with our other brances.

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User friendly and good tool for the company Cons: With any web app in this price range, there are glitches on screen but with re-loads of software, seemingly OK. Possibility for each user to save his own modification for the beginning and end date Overall: For this, you can sign up from here: Ganttic home page needs new design. Thus, you can filter out all the information from the reports.


Ganttic allows us to manage resources, workload, and availability at a glance thanks to Ganttic. Very intuitive, easy to use and navigate. Thank you for the feedback ganttic you provided and I am glad that Ganttic works for you.

Marketing and Advertising, employees. Thank ganttic for finding the time to provide feedback to our service! If you want to create an ganttic task for a batch of resources then next to ganttic resource we have checkmarks.

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Vendor Response by Ganttic on October 17, Cristina! Ganttic am happy to inform you that now you can hide those other projects. For our activity in construction, our flexibility is a key point.