Thank you to everyone for all of the emails, prayers, and love during this sorrowful time…. La La La La…. Edited with Florabella Colorplay Actions: I cry every time during this part of the video. I want my kids to know how much they made me laugh… 6. Actions from Florabella Classic Workflow: Love her little flyaways in the sunlight… Edited with Colorplay Photoshop Actions:

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So cute how she holds her toes like this. I know my kids will cherish having video footage of us one day. I miss her so much… I will continue to write our story on the Velvet Willow blog. Check out the new Florabella Textures Video Workshop! From start to finish, this video took me one week to make.

Clover the kitten Seriously… who does he think he is?? Introducing the new Florabella Textures Set 4! Willow has been injured… she suffered a broken leg and is florabella spring actions in Lexington having surgery to save her life. My new Friesian filly, Mirabella is on her way here!


Florabella Collection Photoshop Actions and Textures Discounted Bundels

Sasha loves playing her little guitar and singing to her baby dolls… lol. He is too cute spribg my own good! Actions from Classic Workflow Photoshop Actions: Edited with Classic Workflow Photoshop Actions: There were a few exceptions… for example, there is one part where Sophie opens the blinds love that part.

I was lying in bed and she florabella spring actions the blinds to see the beach. I noticed the gorgeous light, flroabella my camera and asked her to do it again.

“Sophie Lu” {Florabella Spring Photoshop Actions}

There is a clip with Sasha in a pink dress on the beach. So special thanks to my mom florablela my husband for filming those parts. Most of the footage was authentic and unstaged.

Such great advice and one of my favorite photography quotes by Yousef Karsh. The first draft of the floranella included only clips of the kids. The True Lens of the Camera. Going to process and post more in the next couple of days. They really have the sweetest connection.


But my horse barn is florabella spring actions

Summer at the Beach Video. Flotabella baby and her babies…. I also left the sound in the clip of the kids goofing around inside. Edited with Classic Workfow Actions: After All, many times I was laughing too hard to hold the camera super steady. So fun and easy! Florabella spring actions up — Florabella Actions. Love her little flyaways in the sunlight… Edited with Colorplay Photoshop Actions: Photos edited with Florabella Muse Actions.

I love her dimples… Edited with Florabella Muse Actions: Edited with Acfions Actions: This was edited with the new Florabella Muse Actions: