Submitting your request ahead of time will save you time in the classroom. Create a Lecture Capture Account: If you are in a room with an instructor camera, it is good to be aware of the range ie, walking “off screen”. You can sign up online for a Lecture Capture training workshop on the Lawrence campus. If you know students are struggling with a specific concept, you can create a short explanatory video to help them master the concept.

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Personal Capture Echo is software you install on your computer to give you the freedom to create and edit customized instructional content whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. You can download a copy of your recording. Lecture Capture Echo echo360 player you to learn echo60 your own pace by making it easy to play back lectures and other course materials as often as rcho360 need to, bookmark sections within lectures so that you can echo360 player back and review them, and participate in online discussions with your instructors and other students.

Depending on the technology in your room, your recording will have one or two video feeds. For more advanced post-production editing, please contact the IT Media Production Studio at itmps ku.

Lecture Capture (via Echo) | Information Technology

You will receive an email that has a link to your echo360 player [View screenshot]. The Echo EchoCenter Player features heat-mapping that shows what parts of the recording students reviewed most, spots where they may be having trouble. Enables video heat-mapping, unique video view counts and more. Visit Lecture Capture Workshop to register for an upcoming workshop. Many instructors prepare a PowerPoint or simply open up a web browser to show images, websites and other echo360 player during the lecture.


Paste this link in an email or anywhere else you might want to use it.

Double-check to ensure that you have a EchoCenter button in your Blackboard course in the left side navigation. Please contact Steve Werninger at swerninger ku.

Click on Scene to find thumbnails of the video. Course “heat maps” illustrate which sections students watched the most. Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Lecture Capture at KU for faculty.

Be careful not to have a private conversation with a student near the lectern microphone while recording. Record an introduction to your course and post it to Blackboard, introducing your students to the syllabus and other topics that will be discussed echo360 player the course.

Classrooms that have Classroom Capture installed will also have cameras with built-in microphones to enable you to capture your classroom lecture.

If the link does not open from the email, you echo360 player copy the link and paste it directly into your browser. Students will see the slides or other course content while also seeing a video window of sign language translators. This service enables faculty to schedule automatic recordings of lectures or presentations or create ad hoc captures. The method of echo360 player you prefer will be set up during your initial consultation with the IT Lecture Capture Coordinator or local Lecture Capture administrator.


Creating recordings via equipment and software already installed in classrooms; and 2 Personal Capture: Normally you will not need to make any adjustments to a scheduled classroom playef, but ech3o60 Classroom Capture dialog box allows you to:.

This topic is also covered in the Lecture Capture Training Workshop. Course statistics and viewing analytics are provided.

Lecture Capture (via Echo360)

Chrome is supported on Windows and Mac only. Recordings will be kept for evho360 years, the same length of time that Blackboard course materials are saved. As you are setting up in the classroom, echo360 player eccho360 the computer is on and you are logged in for both previously scheduled recordings and ad hoc recordings. Students can post comments in the Echo discussion board which are time stamped and associated with a point in the lecture. Below are instructions for accessing recordings and live streaming events in Blackboard.

‎Echo on the App Store

The Course ID will echo360 player underneath. One example is the ability to “flip” a classroom. The camera eccho360 the front of the room only. You can play online videos like those from YouTube but be aware that the recorded results may be slightly jumpy.

Student Video Authorization and Release Forms: