The mount dialog will show a warning if the users trys to use the same drive letter for two mounted drives. The zip file import function also can import DBGL packages now. But the PortableApps installer is not storing the selected language so I cannot read the chosen language when opening the first run wizard. Puzzle and board games package. SkeleTony on September 07, , Two more sites have been added to the list of game information sites TheLegacy. The floppy and harddisk image creator now can make harddisk images and floppy disk images of all sizes bootable.

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If you copy prof files to the “Confs” folder while D-Fend Reloaded is running they will be added to the games list immediately. User defined emulators will be listed as sub entries below “Emulation type” in the games list filter tree. The game info tooltips in the games list can be turned off and on now.

September 07, Additionally there is a default codepage stored in each language file which will be used if the dosbox frontend reloaded 0.9.3 is set to “default” in the profile. I have to turn the detail level down about half way to get acceptable frame rates, and of course there is no 3d acceleration, but aside from that, both programs work ok.


Dosbox frontend reloaded 0.9.3 download

Adventure, roleplay and strategy games package. Setup option to use the image viewer as a non-modal window. Some other mentionable things eosbox the new cheats database, if you think you need some external help in playing some games, and the option reloadee copy complete profiles into a FreeDOS based harddisk image.

October 13, So I set the cycles in config file to fixed value of Over The Reich – Mods. Updated the png file reader library.

D-Fend Reloaded

New option not to repack the archive file when the game quits when using an archive file as a drive. Tom Proudfoot’s Games January 04, No longer seems to work for me in D-fend. When adding a drive to a profile the edit drive dialog will offer the drive type used the last time when added a new drive to a profile at first in the drive type dropdown box.

Auto setup templates from existing profiles can now also be created via the export menu. You can optional set a new screenshot folder and remove the data folder record when copying a profile.

Default package If you do not know exactly with of the following packages you want to download, dosbox frontend reloaded 0.9.3 the following package: Dosbix and board games package. Cleaned up menu structure in particular reloaaded function for creating archive or exe packages for multiple games have been moved from the Extras to the Export menu.


PortableApps version of D-Fend Reloaded 1.

Dosbox frontend reloaded download

Over The Reich – Technical Issues. But maybe D-Fend Reloaded itself can tell you what’s going wrong.

You’re a brave man Alexander, because you know this is going to add to your problem reports. At the moment frontsnd looks like this release will only have two changes since 0.

Now the base folder used for making folder names relative can be mounted as a drive, too. Big “Kid” nerds having fun by Nixer.

I’ve been amazed at the number of options built into this 0.9.33 and its ease of use.

For the fist time D-Fend Reloaded brings installation support for making the installation of new games even more easily. New easier to use first run wizard. Falcon – Feature Articles. February 01, But the PortableApps installer is not storing the selected language so I cannot read the chosen language when opening the first run wizard.