The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. The tab-based format makes it easy to set up and initiate scans. Use strip charts with markers and alarm indication, or histograms with statistics. Each script runs when the corresponding event occurs. If the instrument is not in the list, continue on to step 4.

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Click here to create additional benchlink lists. Create a Configuration Configure Instruments Tab 3. This is the Oven Temp channel. Quantity The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. The sequence of operations is: Click a button to export the data to a file or to the clipboard. This software gives you all the basic data logger capabilities including: You can set any of these limits to occur after benchlink specified number of successive scans. New product With the Keysight BenchLink Data Logger Pro software you get advanced data logging and decision making capabilities without benchlink hours programming.

EACH Quantity in stock: Benchlink identify the measurements you want to acquire, initiate the process, and see the data displayed real-time.


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Simulations allow you to view BenchLink Data Logger Pro operations without having equipment benchlink. Setting limits benchlink events Set limits to identity when to start other tasks.

Select format options or use the defaults. Click this button one button for each additional scan list to set the stop event for this scan list.

BenchLink Data Logger 3

If you are having difficulty benchlink the application, refer to the software installation instructions at the end of this document.

Your child can help and gain first hand experience in research and. Graph your data, save it to disk, or you can copy data benchlink the Windows clipboard for export to other applications. You can specify multiple channels per graph, or send collected data to multiple graphs.

Keysight 34830A BenchLink Data Logger Pro Software for 34970A/34972A

When finished, you should see your instrument in the benchlink with a green checkbox. For out of limit conditions benchlinm notifications such as an audio beep, log events or run an external program can also be performed. Set data log naming preferences here.

Configure the graph s here. Event-based decision making controls the scanning. When the first scan list, Oven Warm-Up, starts, a script closes switches that close the test fixture and turn on the oven heater.


The tab-based format makes it easy benchlink set benchhlink multiple scans and initiate scans based bejchlink predefined limits. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. The Windows user interface is also localized benchlink multiple languages and includes context sensitive help.

The BenchLink software features a data manager that allows you to easily manage all configurations and dataset files. When prompted to becnhlink a data logger click: With the interface selected, right-click benchlink select Add Instrument. A notification signals the computer to beep and logs the benchllnk finished event.

This is benchlink limit event associated with the Oven Temp channel. When the limit event occurs, stop scanning on this scan list and start the Benchlink DUT scan list. Easy Data Storage and Analysis!