Aladdin In Nasira’s Revenge. He’s got to dart through the marketplace of Agrabah; break his way through the Palace; escape imprisonment in the dungeon; journey through an oasis; survive the fiery Cave of Wonders; rescue Jasmine from booby traps in the Pyramids; save Aladdin is about to face his biggest adventure yet. All the places that you visit have something new to look at and present a realistic feel to your environment. Now Aladdin stages a comeback, facing down Nasira, the ticked-off sister of Jafar. If your wallet is as thin as mine, save your pennies for the bigger releases this year. As is the case with most games based on a license, the visual emphasis has been placed squarely on the characters. I found it easier to use the analog.

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After I had pf through a couple of levels, there came a screen that gave new instructions for character control. No score yet – based on 0 Critics Awaiting 4 more reviews What’s this? Browse games Game Portals.

Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge for PC Reviews – Metacritic

During the battles you will hear the clang of swords or the splat of an apple. They have also thrown in the song “A Whole New World” as some of the background music. None of these baddies are too hard to defeat.

Whatever the case, it all works well within the game. You’ll often yame several levels before any shifts in the plot occur. Play Now Download the full version. A little confusing but all in all, pretty cool. The sounds were well done and aladdin in nasiras revenge pc game game features voices from the television series to add continuity. The texture variety, clarity, and detail are impressive, but they tend to jiggle around on the polygons, making the visuals seem like they have a nervous disorder.


Beyond that, Aladdin also swings on ropes, throws apples from a first-person view, and slides down wires. The characters themselves were well animated, there was no pixilation to speak of, and even with the different camera view changes, the characters changed appropriately. Aladdin may have vanquished the sinister Jafar in his last adventure, but that hasn’t stopped Jafar’s evil twin sister, Nasira, from seeking revenge.

Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge PC, PS1 –

The moves that fame included are awkward to perform or are implemented poorly. As Aladdin proceeds through the game’s 10 oc, the majority of the gameplay consists of collecting a variety of coins, flipping switches, and obtaining items through moronic tasks, like shooting still birds off a wire.

The sluggish camera compounds problems further, making navigating simple areas a chore at times. You are armed with a sword and the ability to collect apples and hurl them at guards. Aladdin should be available by the nairas you read this. The challenges aladdin in nasiras revenge pc game increasingly difficult as I progressed. Real-time cinemas show up far too infrequently to keep a young player’s interest. As I played on I found myself getting more and more into the game.


It’s disappointing that Robin Williams ditched his gig as the voice of the genie, but Gilbert Godfried has returned to play the obnoxious parrot. As you run through the worlds, you are tasked with finding jewels, coins, etc. The game has a 3D world in which you can pan around to see everything. Nasira believes that if she collects a set of ancient relics, she might be able to revive Jafar.

Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge

Only problem is that the control is still backward until you stop, then start again. The graphics were surprisingly good in this game.

The sounds were real enough, but could have been done a little better. Not a big deal once you figure out the logistics of it.

Aladdin In Nasira’s Revenge

To add revengr different feel to the game, you get to play as Abu the monkey and as Jasmine as well. One nice feature was the footprints left behind by your character while running through the sand. There was a great sense of texture through the game. Nasira’s Revenge is made for children, and it’s evident by the game’s lack of difficulty.