Truth be told
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New menu Tuesday
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Green chile braised pork tacos are back!
5-14 through 5-17
Tuesday- West End
Wednesday-Franklin Square
Thursday- L’Enfant
Friday Double Creature feature!!!- Farragut square - Friday night 5-8 Takoma park at Trohv!
Hope to see y’all sometime somewhere this week-

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Franklin today- Wednesday 5/8
L’Enfant Thursday5/9
Testifying before DC city council to
#saveDCfoodtrucks !! Friday 5/10

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“This (proposed regs) is Bullsh!t”


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ChefDrivenDC line up for this week 4/29
Monday- rainy prep day
Tuesday- West End 25th and M
Wednesday- Franklin Square
Thursday- L’Enfant
Friday- Farragut Square

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VIDEO: DC food trucks create jobs, help charities + generate $ that supports city services #savedcfoodtrucks

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Tues- State dept.
Wed- Franklin Sq.
Thurs- L’Enfant
Fri- Farragut AND Trohv- Takoma park 5-8

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Sorry Farragut Friday - looks like we are at 20th and L today!! Hope to see y’all there—

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